Sunday 31 October 2021


It's all about stress and sacrifice.

One of the best artsy menu screens I've come across.

This turn based strategy game embraces the dark and horror aspects of the very strange, mostly grey scale and red setting. In it, you must birth daughters and assign them a class (sword/shield/gun at the start) and do missions (or not) as each day passes and at the end of the week, the boss is going to show up if you are ready or not. Losing all your daughters or losing to the boss makes you restart, with all your people in the graveyard.

You can revive some of them with some hard earned tokens, but which ones? As they complete missions each daughter acquires traits - good and bad, which can't be removed. Also, you always have the option to sacrifice a daughter to heal another, because units DON'T HEAL (on normal mode). Furthermore, the best skills eat up a percentage of health every time they are used. This leads to some tough choices, so much so that I can only take maybe two missions per session.

The main problem though? It's just not fun for me, only stressful. Even on the easier mode where the daughters do heal per day. Two and a half plague doctors out of five.

Insight: Enemies don't attack in their first round if they have to move. Also, get all the interrupt skills from the first choice per class, they are quite handy.

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