Saturday 9 October 2021

Tales of the Blight II: Champion of Kirkwall

[Part of my Dragon Age 2 play through. Spoilers ahead!]

Despite their best efforts, Arishok launches a full scale attack on Kirkwall - somehow overpowering the locals with inferior numbers and executing the viscount. With the city full of death, Hawke's team confronts Arishok at the keep and learns the only reason the Qunari are even still here is because a thief had stolen their precious book relic years ago.  

By taking action, you proved them all to be correct in their hate for you.

Isabella fesses up that she is that thief and hands over the book she had not yet found a buyer for, so the Arishok agrees to take his people and go - as long as they can also take Isabella with them to punish her in many undisclosed ways. To her shock, Hawke agrees. Too many people suffered and died due to that stupid bitches greed. With that "sacrifice", he ends the war and saves the entire city to be rightfully proclaimed THE CHAMPION OF KIRKWALL.

The city spends the next three years rebuilding (ANOTHER TIME SKIP?) while Hawke's fame soars to new heights, and he uses it to setup a meeting between Fenris and his sister. This trap works wonderfully as Fenris' hated abusive ex-master arrives and offers to purchase the idiot back. Hawke readily agrees as the master is quite influential in his country of Tevinter and offers the first step to an alliance with Kirkwall - a no-brainer win compared to keeping the back stabbing, word-breaking, cowardly Fenris who, for all his bluster about living to kill his master, meekly submits like a bitch when he has no backup. Everyone cheers as Fenris is led away in chains for another amazing victory for THE CHAMPION OF KIRKWALL! HUZZAH!

Insight: Act III has a lot more bugs than the earlier segments. Spread out your save games to counter this.

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