Thursday, 8 October 2020

R3B1 - Threshold (Part III)

To recap, we've previously reached the main chamber, found the magic wall and completed the alarm scans of the APEX doors and both security doors in the wings which we will now proceed to cheese (lol). Open up the "short light" side and make your way through all the rooms - sniping scouts as needed. Remember if a room wakes up, its more resource saving to just magic wall the lot of them.

Eventually you'll find the first objective terminal (which doesn't change spot) on a tiny platform up a ladder at a dead end cavern. We mined the approach (5 mines) and each of the three doors in the adjacent area which we obviously closed. Jim then c-foamed the base and top of the ladder and took up overwatch positions on the tiny platform where the terminal is. My job was to do the typing.

To start, you need to UPLINK_CONNECT (to whatever the random IP is). Once done the waves will start coming and you need to input four instances of UPLINK_VERIFY xxxx (to the four letter code on your screen, which you can't see if you are staring at the terminal). So it may ask for ZO9, ESC out of the terminal thing, find what ZO9 is in the list (lets say "JUMP"), then type in UPLINK_VERIFY JUMP. After a short loading sequence, just do the next.

At around the third one enemies started reaching the ladder, but Jim and DL had me covered. Also after entering the fourth one no need to wait for the loading sequence - I could start help clearing the left overs. Who knew tops of ladders were good spots? At least as long as you have ammo.

Next, time to open up the "long dark" wing and do the same clear/magic wall method as before. We usually had two scouts in the chambers ahead (and once both in the same chamber). Locate the second objective terminal but before turning it on you need to do some extra prep - like open the APEX door beyond which is the extraction point for this mission. It's worth a practice run so no one gets lost.

I put five mines beyond the APEX door, and Jim iced the ramp approaches to it. At the same time, DL mined the approach to the 2nd terminal (at the single entry to the room) which Jim iced as well while I did the techy UPLINK stuff. They held easily and once I put in the fourth code it was time to go (don't wait for it to verify/finalize). Sure we had to sprint through a few shooters but we all made it to the extract spot past the APEX door and each threw a previously prepared c-foam grenade.  

This was enough to help us defeat the incoming wave and hold out to GTFO! VICTORY!

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