Wednesday 7 October 2020

R3B1 - Threshold (Part II)

After completing the first 12 circle alarm scan you will find yourself in a small foyer that is adjacent to huge "main chamber" of this map. If there are enemies in the foyer that wake up, try your best to keep the fight in the foyer area as to not wake everything else, which usually includes a scout in the main chamber. If everything goes to sh*t though, don't panic - you have reached the magic wall.

Might not look like much, but this little cylinder shed is magic!

To use this crutch, you need to jump behind this wall from the opposite end of this picture. With enough patience, you can then hammer through it (bug we used to our leverage) to kill any striker foolish enough to wander up to it. Shooters will remain at a distance though and will need to be dealt with accordingly.

Note: while super handy and ammo saving, you are not 100% safe behind the wall. Shooters and occasionally strikers will flank around to cane you. Also, it won't really help in parts where you need to stand on red circles, which is what you're about to do soon!

Clear the main chamber as you see fit, and then open all the normal doors on each wing - the "short light side" and the "long dark side" (preferably the side without a scout first if he's there) and clear those too. If everything is done properly you are now left with one alarm door on each side (8 circles each, not counting initial one), and the alarmed APEX door in the center (13 circles, not counting initial one and last one is a big circle).

Before doing any, its worth practicing some parkour in the main chamber. This is the only way you'll be able to escape the armies about to be on your tail. A few handy ones I suggest:

-Go up the stairs opposite the APEX door and sprint jump over the balcony onto the truck below.
-Next to the upper door of the "short bright" wing, you can angle jump to the truck below (harder).
-Near the upper middle door of the "long dark" wing, there is a gap in the banister where you can drop off (don't jump)
-From the APEX door running to the magic wall via the lit hallway, you can diagonally hop on boxes to clear a banister.

APEX mining time. For this I put seven mines. Five in the foyer hall where the enemies will approach from and two at the dark staircase directly ahead of the magic wall in the main chamber. We shut the all the wing doors again then initiated the APEX door scan.

That prep buys around five circles worth, leaving the next eight as panicked mayhem which favours Jim's combat shotgun and my 4 burst carbine. Just remember the loops and note if you have the lions share of scum on your tail - dragging them to the magic wall will buy your team mates time to complete the scan.

Did you survive? Great! Don't open the APEX door though. Next up is the "long dark" wing, so open the doors on the "short light" side and shut all the ones for the "dark side" except the small one upstairs near the APEX door. See how the handrail forms a sort of tunnel? Thats around four mines worth.

We left that door open to bait the horde, and it works - just make sure someone goes to man it / shut it after finishing the first scan circle. This buys the others plenty of time to finish the eight circles. Once done, magic wall the remainder and then its on to the short light side. Again, DO NOT open the unlocked security door on the dark side. We're trying to control where they spawn. :P

The "short light" side is next and this time we kept the upstairs door open while mining the staircase leading to it. Again, someone needs to man the door after the initial scan but it should be easy to finish all the circles before enemies enter the room. Once they pour in, simply open the ground door (which I hope you unlocked before hand) and exfiltrate back to the magic wall to finish the wave.

Done? Great! Now we just need to do the actual objectives... in the next post! :P

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