Tuesday 27 October 2020

Have You Ever... the Gaming Edition!

A continuation of sorts, this time with a gamer slant!

Have you ever rage quit a game?

Yes. Life is too short for annoying things. You'll do this more often as you get older.

Have you ever earned all achievements in a game?

Yes. To the Moon only has one achievement. Go get it (and cry)! :P

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter gaming?

Yes, once all the way to sunrise which was crazy. Now my group usually stops at around 2 or 2:30am.

Have you ever live-streamed your gaming?

No. Why worsen the performance of the game (and the player)?

Have you ever pre-ordered a game?

No. Only a fool invests in promises.

Have you ever bought a game and never played it?

Yes, when I buy things as gifts for others. I don't "buy" games for myself. I only get free ones.

Have you ever been jump-scared by a horror game?

Yes - this happens often. Doesn't even need to be a horror game, if something shows up unexpectedly that I need to react to. That almost describes all games right?

Have you ever had a set squad for a specific game?

Yes and no. On multiplayer games I usually run with my brothers. For single player games that use squads, I try use people from previous my stories.

Have you ever bought a game on multiple platforms?

No, that would be a waste. Even buying it the first time would be a waste, just get it for free (unless its for someone else).

Have you ever got a console for the games specifically?

No. If a game doesn't release on PC, then I never play it. It's that simple.

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