Wednesday 14 October 2020

For the King: A New Priestess

[Part of the Cursed story line]

Since the keys to the armory at Ravenhook were lost during the goblin siege, Lucia decides to gear up the old fashioned way: piracy. She, Sunbro and Sahkarov raid other vessels and enemy camps near the shore to improve their equipment and supplies.  It is slow going however, and with impatience getting the better of her she leads the team into a temple of ice said to hold untold treasures.

Piracy is all the rage in these parts!

Alas, Sunbro is speared through the heart by a merling guardian while Sahkarov and Lucia are captured by its wizard master. Over the next few days Lucia, who was stripped and placed in a small cell, is horrified to watch the wizard transfer Sahkarov's soul and consciousness into that of a guardian snowman, like one of the many they destroyed on the way in. "What are you going to do to me?" she asked in a trembling voice.

The wizard laughed. "To you? Nothing you haven't already done to yourself!"

Lucia was confused as to what he meant, but after a few more days she didn't care. In fact, as the cold began to feel quite nice against her skin her memories from before the wizard's dungeon began to fade, including that of her precious sister and even her own name. Eventually, the wizard simply let her out of her cell with a bow. "Welcome, priestess."

The priestess ran her hand through her magic locks and grinned.

Insight: Two classes you should work on unlocking are the Herbalist, who collects free herbs anytime they finish on wilderness areas or on their turn in dungeons and the Lumberjack who is a superior version of the Blacksmith starting class. Also, your tank should ALWAYS be the middle character as that position takes the most damage with enemy AoE.

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