Thursday 1 October 2020


Cute, crazy and absolutely grindy.

Crash landing on an alien planet has never been so much fun. When you and your AI companion emerge in the cartoonish, bouncy world you can immediately set about harvesting the local flora and fauna to build your way to thrive. Crafting is definitely the focus of this game, and that is reinforced by having quests that reward either component schematics or component pieces. There's no EXP. It's basically, if you want to do this you need to build this. Weapons add damage. Armor adds HP. It's pretty straight forward.

Majestic indeed.

The interface is pretty cool too, letting you track how much of what you still need to build X item and there is a good critter variety that you'll need to learn to fight and harvest across the massive planet. It's actually pretty strange having everything bright and colorful with a cheery banter while you butcher alien cows in explosions of blood to collect their bones, flesh and various organs. Alas, it's not one for me as the main draw it one of my pet peeves: grinding. Lots and lots of material grinding to be precise. For those that like that sort of game play with a ridiculously heavy slant towards harvesting and crafting, definitely try this out. For everyone else, stay away.

Insight: Pick up everything! Also you can instantly warp to your crashpad and other telepads you discover by clicking on them on your map.

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