Thursday 29 October 2020

Superman: Red Son

In mother Russia arms are crossed behind back, not in front.

What a different world it would be in the Kryptonian who would become Superman crash landed in Russia instead of the USA. This movie follows the comic of the same name, with a few liberties of course, to show what a Russian Kal-El might do differently. The answer is "a lot". Voice acting is good and the art is around the regular level of these DC shows, with some decent fights to boot.

Too bad he doesn't actually wield a hammer and sickle.

The story has a few things I'd like to nitpick, like Lex, and how the hell did this version of X beat Y? You'll know those variables when you see the movie and guess what, it's never explained, but I guess that's just canon? All up its a rather "meh" outing, especially as it's a stand alone story which is disappointing. DC and animated superman fans might enjoy it but otherwise feel free to skip. I give it 2.5 Stalin's out of 5.

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