Sunday, 11 October 2020

Den of Thieves

Cops and robbers for action fanatics.

At it's core, this is a heist movie focusing on heavy violence as Merrimen's (Pable Schrieber) thieves go up against Nick's (Gerard Butler) bad boy sheriffs. After the initial action packed intro the story dials back a lot though, with flash backs and back stories aplenty which drag the pace down somewhat. Most of these could probably have been cut from the film altogether which would result in a cleaner and shorter story.

The perfect tool for thieving.

Anyway, the acting is passable, the heist itself is pretty good and there are some surprising plot twists but are they enough to save that mire in the middle? Eh... kind of. I'll only recommend this one for action fans, and only as a "there's nothing else to watch" flick. Den of Thieves steals 2.5 Chinese takeaways out of 5, and I wouldn't watch it again.

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