Wednesday 21 October 2020

Marco Polo (TV)

Well, they needed one white dude.

This is mainly the story of Kublai Khan (fantastically portrayed by Benedict Wong), his governing of the Mongol people and the intrigue of his court which is where a young Marco Polo finds himself stuck at. The sets are great, as are the action scenes especially any involving Hundred Eyes. The huge number of extras also warrants a mention.

The true hero of the show.

Acting wise, everyone is pretty good and as usual it is the plot that is a little wobbly but entertaining nonetheless. There's blood, gore, fighting, nudity, explosions - pretty much everything I enjoy in a series! They do not show mass battles though as it's obviously out of budget, but it's fine the way they do it. Pity that it got cancelled after two seasons, I would have definitely liked to see more. Something worth trying out, I give it 3.5 golden passes out of 5. There's also a special episode called "Marco Polo Hundred Eyes" that sits in between seasons one and two.

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