Friday, 30 October 2020

AC Odyssey: The Flaming Sea

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

With most of their land forces defeated it falls upon the Tempest, captain of the huge Persian fleet, to lock in and tighten the noose on the trio of rebels and their supporters hiding out in a small portion of Greece. Regarded as a skilled tactician, she is immediately suspicious when a single enemy vessel - the Adrestia - appears on the horizon to challenge them.

She is right to be suspicious too as it becomes clear the enemy vessel was outfitted with a weapon meant for her flagship, a forward facing flamethrower! She desperately tries to keep her distance but the Adrestia is too fast and its captain too ruthless as one by one her ships are sunk, with her own flagship cleaved in two.

Her luck really runs out when she awakes on the shore, only to face the Eagle Bearer waiting nearby and already sharpening his blades. "How are you here!?" she coughed, as she looked out over the waves to see the Adrestia still in pursuit of her few remaining vessels. All of her intel squarely put the Eagle Bearer as the captain of that vessel.

"Oh, I've been training someone else to captain the ship," answered the Eagle Bearer. "And she's very good at it."

Deimos knows how to keep people in line.

With no options left the Tempest drew her weapons and charged her enemy but was easily outclassed and stabbed through the gut with a half-spear. As she lay bleeding out on the sand she whispered "They will find you. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow... but someday..."

Insight: You can upgrade the forward flamethrower for more damage. It works extremely well with the battering ram.

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