Monday, 12 October 2020

For the King: Magic Hair

[Part of the Cursed story line]

Sahkarov was impressed that Lucia decided to give the sizeable haul and all the vessels of the pirates to the authorities. Hildebrandt, a representative of the court in the region, immediately used the funds to pay the dock workers and get naval shipping back on track, as well as rewarded the trio with a small vessel for their efforts. Soon the group is sailing into colder weather, and back to where Lucia hopes to reunite with her sister.

It is a short crossing to reach the snowy North continent, and they make for the village of Ravenhook which is under attack from frost goblins! After three waves (of increasing difficulty) the village is saved but they report the other towns are also under attack by a multitude of other aggressive beasts that are too strong for the trio to currently face. Instead they decide to visit a ruined church where the leader of the frost goblins makes camp. She is not a frost goblin at all but some sort of Foul Priestess!

With cronies!

Despite her strong magic she is defeated, and sensing power coursing through her locks, Lucia decides to shave them off the priestess' head and use them for herself - much to Sunbro's concern. "Don't worry," Lucia assured him. "I just want us to get as strong as possible, as fast as possible." Lucia could already feel her magic powers increasing, but she wasn't sure that it would be enough.

Insight: In "Frost Adventure" the further North in the map you go, the more cold damage you take if you end in a place with no fire (camp or town).

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