Saturday 24 October 2020

For the King: Victorious Defeat

[Part of the Cursed story line]

The ship Queen Rosomon provided Nemo, Davy and Ahab was fine indeed and could stand up to the powerful blows of the Sea King. Alas it was their human bodies that gave out in the end as Nemo was crushed, Davy drowned and Ahab eaten by the towering monster. They did severely hurt it though, forcing it to retreat into the deep once more to rest for a few centuries and saving Fahrul from the imminent flood.

"Your life is in danger my Queen," said Hildebrandt. "With his grand plans in the wind the wizard is sending assassins for you instead, as that would be the next best thing to cause chaos."

"It's true," said Face, the last remaining A Team member who was left as her on again/off again body guard. "He's put a public bounty on you and the rewards are... lets say even your guards might be tempted. We need to get you out of here any lay low until this all settles down."

Heeding the advice, Queen Rosomon quickly changed into adventuring attire and with Hildebrandt and Face descended into the cave system designed as the royal escape route. A route known by the wizard's assassins apparently as soon bandits and all sorts of scum began attacking from the maze like caverns. In an attempt to lose them, Hildebrandt led the party to the lower depths near the magma river, but even here an assassin followed them. This one had a pet owl bear that ripped Face's face off then pinned Hildebrandt and gorged itself on his innards while he was still alive.

Their owl bears stand upright!

His final screams didn't distract Queen Rosomon who used her own significant magic prowess to battle the assassin but she was no match for the priestess once known as Lucia. With a flick of her hair, Lucia sent the good Queen off her feet, and tumbling right into the lava river behind her with a splash, head first. With her task complete, the smirking priestess then wondered if she should take the throne of Fahrul for herself.

Insight: "Hildebrandt's Cellar" mode is an infinite dungeon which tests how far you can reach. Goblin shops and treasures are available on each floor and there are bosses (in the form of scourges) every 3 floors.

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