Tuesday 6 October 2020

R3B1 - Threshold (Part I)

Been awhile since our last win in GTFO, and the main thing we ended up needing this time is mines which both DL and I brought while Jim remained on his C-Foam launcher. If you thought the previous A floor had a lot of enemies, you are in for a (bad) surprise in this massive level.

On a plus side, you can/should be practicing double/triple bop now if enemy clusters allow. It is also a good time to remember that to stealth hammer shooters you need a full swing to the back of the head / nape or it might not die. Don't get lazy with positioning and always unlock both sides of a door - closing one while being chased by a horde buys you time to reload. You can also shut it from the side you are coming from and run under it before the shutter closes. Got it? Let's go!

After the drop you've got two chambers to clear. The second one is massive and you might be able to just stealth past sleepers here, but I prefer killing them all to have a fall back position. You then can choose to either take the one door down the ramp into the "basement" or one of the two doors higher up. Go up first and clear the small chamber to get access to a terminal to ping gear.

Proceed through the big door into what we call the "balcony" room, noting the ladder on the mid-floor which sleepers can and will use to flank you. If you go loud at any point, its best not to fight in this room. Now the small doors lead back to the "basement" room from before, and if you pinged gear in there you might consider sneaking in to steal it or clear the room.

Only one way forward through Area H and a non-violent security scan into the long hallway where there are always scum who always need to be cleared. Note this hall is magnificent for the hel gun and long range rifles. Up the ramp to the right is "the prayer room", a tiny enclave which occasionally has gear or sleepers or both. Usually worth a peek.

The actual way forward is at the end of the hall - a large room which again always has scum. Bop em if you can, go loud if you can't and take the fight into the long hall and as far back as you need. As usual, for any scouts - DL is on snipe duty (though I did manage to successfully bop one once)!  

Once clear its time to prep for a 12 circle (not counting the initial one) ALARM scan. One mine on the inner part of the door you came in, one or two to box the door, four or five in the long hall outside and one (usually retrievable) at the prayer room door just in case. Cfoam the door and start up the scan. With Jim on re-cfoaming door duty, DL and I easily have enough time to clear all the circles before the door falls. With the infinite spawn halted, you can then win the fight at your leisure. 

If you plan on making use of the long hall again, ensure all the enemies are in the room with you. Suddenly running into a giant striker in the long hallway on your way out is going to ruin your day.

Once done, head through that now unlocked alarm door to a little foyer with the "magic wall" and the main area of this map, which I'll cover in the next post...

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