Wednesday 28 October 2020

AC Odyssey: Darius

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

Darius wasn't sure how the Persians had found him, or how they now had Spartan allies, but he wasn't going to let them take him alive. Leaping from his perch he smashed his hidden punch-dagger down on the unsuspecting Greek warrior that had followed the trail of bodies he had left behind. Unlike the others this one could parry the surprise attack and subsequently go toe to toe with the old assassin.

Moves pretty well for an old man...

"Father! Stop!" cried Neema, his daughter who arrived only minutes into the fight. "This is the Eagle Bearer, the one sinking those Persian ships!" The two men stared off and lowered their arms.

"You can call me Alexios," said the Eagle Bearer, his golden Minotaur axe still firmly grasped in his hand. "Now can someone tell me why the Persians are so interested in invading Greece?"

"They simply want to expand their empire," replied Darius, not wanting to admit his murdering of their previous ruler, King Xerxes, had led them to these shores. "But if we work together, we can stop that from happening."

Alexios readily agreed.

Insight: The Legacy of the First blade adds a new cult to hunt down and fight against - the Order of the Ancients, with new members arriving in each chapter.

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