Monday 14 January 2019

Absurd Game Ideas - Porcelain Empire

[Part of the Absurd Game Ideas folder]

Many game bloggers, including myself, usually talk about our ideal games or how to improve the games we currently play. Well I thought it would be fun to flip the script and share our most absurd and silly game or game mod ideas! You are invited to blog your own crazy ideas too! :)

For today I give you...

Porcelain Empire

In this RTS that rival the likes of StarCraft, players step into the shoes of rival toilet manufacturers vying for total control of the market. Resources will need to be managed to increase production, storage, delivery, and sales facilites all while hiring workers, salesmen, researchers, drivers, spies, security guards, lawyers and more.

While there is little combat in the traditional RTS sense, players must endeavour to behave within the laws or at least not get caught while breaking them, but with risk comes reward! Speeding drivers deliver goods faster. Money can be saved by cooking the books and dodging taxes. Planting evidence at rivals structures might slow them down to deal with the cops. Putting large quantities of laxatives in the city drinking water increases demand.

All viable tactics in your quest to create your own Porcelain Empire!

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