Wednesday 9 January 2019

Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal

Makes you want to ram your head into a gold plated wall.

Demon Hunter Zhong Kui is sent to hell to steal the Dark Crystal and then must protect it  against the demons sent to retrieve it. Complications arise when his ex, Snow Girl, whom he is still in love with, sides with said demons.

Even the eye candy can't save this film.

While the plot is serviceable, and there are a few nice martial art bits with exaggerated wire work use, this movie has a few major problems. I'm just going to pick on two: Firstly it has no traversal scenes which is weird. One second the guy on a cliff then in the next breath he's in town. Hell must be super accessible too as characters traverse back and forth really quickly.

My major gripe though is the CGI. It's not terrible but it detracts from the movie because of its heavy use. Having your main characters can transform into CGI creatures who cannot speak is a bad idea, especially for the length of time they do so in this movie.

Not one I recommend, I give it 2 bloody fans out of 5 and would not watch it again.

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