Thursday 17 January 2019

Sims 3

The ultimate idle game.

This game falls in such a weird place. Coupled with decent enough graphics, customization and music you get to play god over a small, mundane town where you must cultivate, curse, or simply observe your chosen sims (people) - and it is very addictive.

It's like... reality TV I guess?

Yet at the same time it is very boring! I was very tempted to do a story series on my hours upon hours of game time here except reading back through it nothing happens! The game even knows it is boring giving you a fast forward option to hurry things along.

Certainly a good pick for relaxing, this game is perhaps the ultimate in idle games as sims will go about their lives with or without your interference. How long you end up watching them is the only question. I give it 2 betrayals out of 5.

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