Thursday 17 January 2019

Absurd Game Ideas: It was Me!

[Part of the Absurd Game Ideas folder]

Many game bloggers, including myself, usually talk about our ideal games or how to improve the games we currently play. Well I thought it would be fun to flip the script and share our most absurd and silly game or game mod ideas! You are invited to blog your own crazy ideas too! :)

For today I give you...

It was Me!

In each session of this multi-player game, players find themselves trapped in a mansion, train or ship with each other, a dead body, and with Inspector "Let God" Sortemout (an NPC). At the beginning of each game, one player is randomly flagged as the murderer - knowledge only they are privy to.

Inspector Sortemout will then begin making his rounds to look for clues and question each player which will raise or decrease their suspicion score. During this, players have free reign to hide or plant evidence, lie about details in multiple choice questioning, and accuse other players of being the guilty party.

When time is up, Inspector Sortem takes all the players to the main lobby to reveal his findings - and conduct an on the spot, public execution of everyone but the player with the least suspicion. The player that survives is the winner - doubly so, if that player was the actual murderer! Can you be the best murderer ever? Find out in "It was Me!"

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