Saturday, 12 January 2019

Time Raiders

Because Tomb Raider was copyrighted.

When a family of tomb raiders finds the map and key to a lost tomb, you can guess what happens next! While that summary is pretty accurate, don't let the simplicity fool you. There is a lot of WTF going on in this movie.

Checklist for tomb raiding: Heavy coat. Check. Sniper rifle. Check.

Foreign mercs, ultra fake swords, puzzling flashbacks, magic flutes, creepy puppets, some decent martial arts bits, CGI creatures and a massive, oddly designed tomb are just some of the things lurking beneath the surface.

There's a lot of money that went into this, and you can tell from the props and set design - and while the main tomb raiding plot is fine to follow, the subplot of the two almost more than friends "boy band" leads is anything but.

It almost feels like they tried to fit too many ideas into one movie, making it a jumbled mess. Pity, because there are some fun bits. That said, I wouldn't watch it again and score it 1.5 golden masks out of 5.

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