Saturday 19 January 2019

Assassin's Creed: Unity

More RPG, more Pay to Win!

This time around we follow the would-be assassin Arno (and friends, if played co-op) as he awkwardly leaps, clambers and struggles to jump into the windows of Paris during the French Revolution. The city, which is packed to the brim with NPC crowds, is massive and well detailed, especially the building interiors. Arno himself is almost fully customizable in gear (think RPG type games) and attire and his story line is pretty decent.

Can't do away with the hood, no sir.

Alas, all that hard work is mostly undone by a number of issues - the first and foremost being greed. Like any Assassin's Creed game, there are a multitude of things to collect such as chests. This time around, they come in four colors: silver (open), red (locked), blue (for those who bought the DLC), and gold (pay to win). That's right. PAY TO WIN.

Obviously that hard curbed my usual kleptomania as by default, I cannot clear the map if I don't pay to win. Even the locked chests have their own problem in that they are inaccessible until you skill up in lock picking, but by the time you do you've probably got Cafe's already generating enough Francs that you can ignore them.

Also problematic are the controls, where the previously single parkour key was divided into "parkour up", "parkour down", and "jump into window / parkour forward". Due to how the map is created I understand why they needed such a system, but a more elegant solution would have simply been a single key that switches between those states. For me, this made Arno behave like a psychotic monkey which made it harder to evade gunfire.

Oh yes, pretty much every one has guns now - and Arno is a shit swordsman. He's the first assassin who cannot counter kill, instead relying on multiple strikes to end an opponent. Dude, if you can't kill a dude by hitting him once with a sword, you probably should stick to guns. Again, I can tell this was a poor design decision - because RPGs traditionally let you hit things a lot before they die.

As a result - do you remember those awesome times when any of the previous AC heroes could just walk into a literal army of enemies and come out on top? Well Arno can't do that. At some point you need to run or die. By default this makes him the worst fighter ever and just makes him even less fun to play since his attire is more heroic than he is.

All up, AC: Unity is not a -bad- game, but it's nowhere near as fun as its predecessors. I give it 2.5 pisspots out of 5 and only recommend it for die hard Creed fans. For everyone else, pick any of the earlier games for more fun.

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