Wednesday 16 January 2019

Absurd Game Ideas - Wind of Hero

[Part of the Absurd Game Ideas folder]

Many game bloggers, including myself, usually talk about our ideal games or how to improve the games we currently play. Well I thought it would be fun to flip the script and share our most absurd and silly game or game mod ideas! You are invited to blog your own crazy ideas too! :)

For today I give you...

Wind of Hero

Aliens have attacked the Earth and every nation has been brought to their knees against the advanced technology the invaders posses, but the aliens didn't count on one thing... flatulence. In this action RPG, players take the role of "Hero", a fully customizable cow who must save the world by farting the aliens to death.

To do this you must to graze on various combinations of plants that can make your farts stronger, denser, wider, more lasting, reach farther, refract lasers better, be more silent, be more deadly and so forth while eluding enemy patrols or luring them into close quarter ambushes. This game also supports co-op drop ins, adding more cows to the mix. The time has come to stink out the alien invaders and to make everyone smell the Wind of Hero!


  1. LOL!!

    You should make some simple, pixelated versions of these. =P

    1. Haha, of my current set this one would probably be the easiest to make. :P