Thursday 24 January 2019

The Terror (Season 1)

Don't feed the bear.

This is the delightful tale of how two vessels of the Royal Navy go on an exciting expedition to find the Northwest Passage and promptly get stuck in the ice... for years. Aside from freezing temperatures they also must face an ever shortening food supply, sickness, each other, and the occasional soul eating monster.

A what now?

Every episode is filled with good acting, awesome props and beautiful scenery, letting you share the depths of despair these fellows are going through and of course many, many gruesome deaths.

My only negatives are that it is quite heavy on the dialogue, and some parts are slow. Still an entertaining horror drama for those that like that sort of thing. There is a season 2 planned, but since season 1 is quite a strong stand alone plot I thought it deserved an early review. I give it out 3.5 tongues of 5.

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