Friday 4 January 2019

The Last Ship

Starts good then slowly sinks.

The sudden world wide outbreak of a deadly disease leaves the Nathan James, a sole US Navy destroyer and her crew, led by Captain Tom Chandler (Eric Dane), to fix the world. Being a military based show there's a naturally high level of violence present as the ship goes on adventures across the world.

Gas mask whites are only a thing for the promo pics.

I also quite like that there's a decent casualty rate and the effects are for the most part, quite passable though much like the plot - deteriorates per season. It certainly isn't the best show out there but I found it quite entertaining and would actually recommend it as a background/"while you are doing something else" show.


  1. I felt S1 started strong, but then became increasingly implausible as it progressed until it got to the point that the final episode's cliffhanger made me just go "bleh" and I didn't care enough to watch S2E1 to find out how they resolved it. I keep kinda thinking I'd like to "catch up" sometime, but just never have.

    1. It might be more enjoyable if you catch up with the mindset of "how much more implausible can they make this?" as the story progresses and treat the show accordingly. Let me know how it goes! :P