Monday 28 January 2019

Sword Legacy: Omen

Where I assume the bad guy is French.

A surprise attack forces an enraged Uther Pendragon to flee from his lands and then attempt to unite Britannia in his quest for vengeance! Oh, and to save the girl but mostly for vengeance!

Hacking off scalps with a knife!

This is a very on the rails tale and shares many similarities to the Banner Saga, only here more focus is given to the turn based strategy combat sections where you pick four people in your team to deploy on missions to basically kill everyone else.

Combat is fun though, and there's a bit of inventory management and equipment upgrading to be had aside from the unlocking of more skills which vary between characters. Not quite as good as Banner Saga in my book, but if you like tactical combat this one might be for you. I give it 2.5 dragon hearts out of 5.

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