Thursday, 1 February 2018

February 2018 Status

Just like that, it's February already so I figured I'd start the month with another status post - something new I'm trying this year. Other things I'm trying this year include:

    Relearn my old compositions (5 songs - done)
    Complete chapter 1 of my web comic (planning)
    Finish a board game prototype I'm happy with (0% progress)
    End the year with less weight (-1kg down from Jan)

The songs were really the easiest on that list given I had recordings, but those other creative works are on the back burner while I battle through my gifts from last year as all those old games I've been reviewing recently might indicate.

I have a few more action/shooter ones to go but then it's all ARPG and RTS games (which I'm terrible at). I decided to work through one, the original Command and Conquer, in between my other game sessions but it is slow going.

My time in Neverwinter has also lessened as a result but I suspect I'll be returning full swing when the next module the "Lost City of Omu" drops at the end of the month. Lots to do, so I'd best get back to it. Happy gaming all! :)

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