Sunday, 25 February 2018

Spore: One Good Deed

[Part of the Direbug Saga]

As a Commodore, Buglybugs could now handle an extra ship in the fleet and was given one by thier Murglbrg ally. Alas this vessel, the "Crustbuster", is destroyed when Buglybugs defends another alien race - the Gibolobs (peaceful humanoid insects) from the Bordooshio (hat wearing monkeys).

All that debris should burn up in the atmosphere... right?

The Gibolobs are thankful and on top of allying with the Direbugs, teach Buglybugs about planet painting and planet sculpting. On one planet Buglybugs also finds a rare tree that the Spikelors need as medicine. The dinosaurs are overjoyed, agree to a full alliance and give the Direbugs the tech for Interplanetary Drive level 2, letting the ship fly further between stars.

After being promoted to Admiral, Buglybugs goes to talk to the Boordoshio who declare they are creatures of harmony - subsequently asking in help abducting life forms and killing a few others while continuing to war on the Gibolobs. Buglybugs does these tasks anyway, just so that the Direbugs get into their good books.

Annoyingly, the Spikelors and Murglbrg were now also at war.

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