Monday 5 February 2018

Command and Conquer: Renegade

The only C&C FPS game - what a renegade!

What a surprise it is to discover the experience of Command and Conquer in an FPS! In it, you play as Havok - a GDI Commando who is good at killing people, great at corny one liners and a terrible soldier.

Those helmets really hamper peripheral vision.

Much like the original Command and Conquer RTS game (that I'm still working through) you are up against the terrorist faction known as the Brotherhood of Nod and there's a good representation of weapons (all of which you can carry simultaneously), vehicles (which you can also commandeer) and buildings (which you can enter and/or destroy). The voice over acting is decent too.

Alas not only does backtracking feature heavily here, but your objective tracker is only two dimensional which makes navigating the often massive multi-floored structure interiors to find a key card or press a button a real challenge, more so than the Nod forces whose only tactic is walk closer and fire continuously.

The enemies also spawn from nowhere or air drop on top of each other like an angry totem pole of death - especially when they start carrying the end game weaponry. Definitely adds some challenge when you have to keep idiot NPCs alive as well. 

Not one I'd recommend unless you really are into C&C, I give it 1.5 nuclear strikes detected out of 5.

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