Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Should be marketed as a super villain game.

Thanks to military experiments, Alex Mercer is infected with a virus that gives him special powers. He can shrug off bullets, run fast, leap and glide over buildings, shape shift, carry and throw cars around, regenerate and most importantly... consume people. That last one you will be doing a lot of.

Yes, it's quite difficult / impossible to be a good guy in this game, especially since Alex is seems enraged all the time. Despite that, and the weird sound issue where some cut scenes are soft and others are deafening, it is quite enjoyable to cause mayhem across the open city.

There are many optional side events as well that get you closer to unlocking more abilities or stronger variants of the ones you have. Being able to use firearms, drive tanks and fly helicopters is really neat too. All up, a very fun and slightly addictive game - I give it 4 supreme hunters out of 5.

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