Thursday, 8 February 2018


It's about to explode!?! You need weapons at maximum!

Due to a Russian experiment gone wrong, the small island / research base of Katorga 12 is abandoned. The player is part of a recon team that goes in to do an unauthorized sweep years later only to find the place filled with monstrous mutants. On the plus side, you soon get the ability to control time - and you need it.

The puzzles here are much better than the ones in TimeShift, as are the graphics, story, weapons, game play... pretty much everything. I like that this game gives off a similar STALKER / Metro 2033 horror feel as well, with many jump scares peppered throughout.

It's scary even when you do see the monsters.

Currency scattered around the maps also encourages exploration, as you can use it to upgrade your weapons and abilities at particular points in each map. Really, the only fault I can give this game is that there is no option for subtitles. Still a solid, enjoyable game and one I recommend trying out. I give it 4.5 aged boxes out of 5.

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