Thursday, 22 February 2018

Spore: Paylise the Wise

[Part of the Direbug Saga]

When the wisest of the Direbugs, Paylise, invented fire, she immediately took the race into sapience and became their chieftain. The tribe built huts and stone axes to better kill the wild animals nearby for food, to kill the tribes of other races in the region, and to defend against those mysterious demons who never did appear again.

Another ship watches the Direbugs wipe out the Yellow Tribe.

While numerous Direbugs fell in these battles, Chieftain Paylise's fire bombs would always win the day and from their victories the Direbugs learned to make throwing spears and fishing rods, the latter being useful when there were no more wild animals around the camp.

Now undisputed, Paylise created a government and asked her people what they most wanted: weapons of war! With work, the Direbugs upgraded their camp into the first city on Pyrachs, and their first war machine - a very odd tank.

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