Friday, 9 February 2018

Enter the Matrix

Everyone is so cool, they gotta wear shades at all times.

A tie in to the movie series, players can choose to fill the shoes of Niobe or Ghost in their story to help the One. Agents (the ultimate enemy in the Matrix world) are represented very well when they show up and the music track is decent.

The video cut scenes are movie quality, which is not matched at all by the in game graphics. The motions are also hit and miss - all the kung fu stuff is good quality but the regular running motion and climbing actions are ludicrous.

There's no way he can hit me if I'm parkouring, right?

Good thing you also have the "focus" ability which lets you slow time and dodge bullets, because in  "regular" mode, Niobe and Ghost are lousy with firearms and would have trouble hitting a barn door much less keeping other friendly NPCs alive - which you have to do numerous times in the game. This is not helped by the clunky control scheme.

Expect to have a fair few falling deaths too, and questioning where Ghost keeps his MP5 of endless explosive ammo which he uses exclusively during car chase sequences. I also must question their choice of last level which is almost a different game altogether.

Ultimately, unless you are a die hard fan of the movies I recommend staying away. I give it 2 death drops out of 5.

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