Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Spore: The Demons of Pyrachs

[Part of the Direbug Saga]

With a nest established on the beach, the Direbugs began to explore this new land and ran into other nesting creatures. Many were cautious, but a few tried to be friendly with dancing and singing.

Unfortunately the Direbugs were not good at socializing, and instead aggressively slew these new food sources, mutating to mimic the more useful traits growing blades, mandibles, arms, faster feet and bigger brains.

They were not the ultimate predators though, as a race of flying demons proved to be superior to them in each encounter - forcing the Direbugs to relocate their nest a few times. Conversely, the Direbugs couldn't find where those demons originated from.

Perhaps they were whisked away by that strange ship?

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