Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Spore: The Peaceful Sector

[Part of the Direbug Saga]

In an effort to push closer to the center of the galaxy, Admiral Buglybugs travels a fair distance - planting a colony on Natus (10% to the center) for resupply purposes, but is recalled to destroy infected creatures, space pirates and a Grox scout fleet!

The Direbug allies, of which the Bordooshios are now part of, are grateful and celebrate Buglybugs. This earns him a few ship upgrades: a bigger cargo hold, a bigger energy battery and an auto blaster turret.

Buglybugs then returns to venture past Natus, encountering a large group of friendly races in the next cluster of stars: the Rammo (crazed space dodos), the Gooplet (happy frogs), the Lillo (happy turtles), the Yoburt (shell foxes) and the Flixxel (monkeys faithful to Spode).

Some really pretty sights in this game.

The Direbugs colonize Ramrourna in this peaceful sector, and soon make allies the Rammo and the Lillo.

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