Friday, 2 February 2018

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

When a legendary assassin goes into retirement, don't piss him off.

Agent 47 enjoys being a church gardener for all of 10 minutes before he once again is fibre-wiring guards and killing targets for obscene amounts of money. While the graphics are now dated, the sneaky gameplay which involves quiet steps, dragging bodies, a multitude of disguises and a LOT of walking is all fantastic. While the voice acting could have used some work, Eidos certainly has a good stealth formula.

Why would you wear shades in an indoor tub?

It is also bloody hard, especially on the higher modes where you can't even save the game mid mission - a feature I'm not to keen on. Expect a lot of retries, as there are plenty of one hit kills, timed missions and gear and objectives that aren't clear right off the bat. The AI is quite clever when they start hunting for you as well so ideally you don't leave a trail of bodies for them to follow. Of course, head shots are once again your best friend when things go sideways. Despite the difficulty, I did enjoy it and give it 3 pizza delivery outfits out of 5.

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