Wednesday 31 January 2018

The Queen (and The Crown)

For those interested in the British Monarchy.

"The Queen" is a movie that deals with the death of Princess Dianna, and the old ways and beliefs of the Queen (played by Helen Mirren) being challenged by her newly appointed Prime Minister, Tony Blair (played by Michael Sheen). Now this movie will not be for everyone. There is almost no action to speak of, and around 20% is news footage of actual events which does get jarring when put against the acted scenes. The acting is fantastic though, especially Helen Mirren's representation of the Queen.

For those who watch the series "The Crown" though (which so far has only had 2 seasons) this feels like an episode of that, and it should given it was written by the same guy - Peter Morgan. I don't normally review series because over the course of a show, seasons can get stronger and weaker. I'll make an exception for that today given the subject matter.

As you might know, I like movies and shows with a metric ton of violence and gore. Throw in some sexy eye candy and explosions and I'm a very happy man. Both The Queen AND The Crown (so far) have absolutely none of that. Everyone is proper, each scene is dialogue. There's very, very little death and yet, I love it. I just find it so different and fascinating from the rest of the media that I consume.

Also, Corgis are cute!

This makes it very quirky to recommend, especially to those who have no interest in the British Monarchy. Yet if you are feeling adventurous or curious, I recommend watching a few episodes of The Crown so you can get a taste. If you find it a bore fest then stay away from the movie. Otherwise, you'll probably enjoy "The Queen" as I did. I still only give it 2.5 stags out of 5 though. Because the series (at least so far) is better, and has some stronger single episodes.

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