Saturday, 24 February 2018

Spore: First Contact

[Part of the Direbug Saga]

Since Paylise was needed to lead her people on Pyrachs, pilot Buglybugs was chosen to fly the spaceship and earning his Captain's badge after a quick tutorial of flight, scanning, comms, laser weapon and abduction planet side.

Behold, the worst spaceship ever!

He then took to the space to explore the nearby solar systems, finding evidence of one vicious one called the Grox. Fortunately it seemed they were no longer nearby. Instead the closest neighbors were the Murglbrg (peaceful demon looking surfies) and the Spikelors (warlike space dinos).

Buglybugs knew that to survive, the Direbugs would need allies and opted to be civil to these two races - running errands for them for cash and building up trust while also establishing a second Direbug planet on Rabotek. With the Murglbrg agreeing to an alliance, Buglybugs quickly skipped past the Commander Rank and was promoted to Commodore by "Mother" Paylise herself.

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