Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Design: Subtitles Mandatory

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Not a rehash of Voice Actors vs Subtitles. Promise!
The first thing I do every time I start up a new game is look in the options to turn on subtitles. I realize having them might bother other people, but I quite like being able to read what is being said without either having to translate the voice actors odd accent or turning up the volume. A side effect of watching many subtitled anime I suppose.

It bugs me then, when I run into games that do not have this option. I suppose those particular games aren't marketed for deaf people either? It's just one of those areas where a little polish goes a long way. What do you think?


  1. I found subtitles critical when a) the kids are little and they played loudly, and b) when they're older and they're practicing their instruments (loudly).

    Doesn't matter whether it's a television, a video game, or something else, the availability of subtitles is a critical thing.

  2. Heck, I often turn on subtitles on dvd's and netflix anymore, as dialog volume can vary widely, or they might have a soundtrack going on that drowns out the voices.

    Or in the 1st Pitch Perfect movie when the quiet girl is pretending to talk, but the joke is that you just can't hear her.... until you turn on subtitles and find she's got hilarious lines that you couldn't hear becuz of how they're recorded.

    But yeah, in any game, before I fire it up I go looking through the options to make sure subtitles are enabled. too easy to miss things if they aren't.

    1. Wow, I totally missed that with the Pitch Perfect movie. If I opt to watch it again I'll get those subtitles on. :)