Thursday, 30 April 2015

Neverwinter Online: Vigilance Quest Guide

With Module 6: Elemental Evil came a whole bunch of repetitive "Vigilance" quests and now that I've gone through the whole lot twice I thought I might make a little guide to help clear your 16 (tasks) x 3 (areas) x 4 (zones) quests as efficiently as possible. In subsequent posts I'll be going into each zone by detail, but for now just some general info.

  • You can "properly" start Elemental Evil upon reaching level 60. Talk to Sgt. Knox.
  • I suggest doing the first three intro quests with Minsc as it introduces you to the new mobs.
  • You can only carry 4 vigilance tasks at one time.
  • In theory you can finish a set of 16 tasks by doing the same quest 16 times but that isn't a good use of time.
  • If you have finished quests and are near the quest givers, go back and hand them in / pick up new ones.
  • Each area has 16 vigilance tasks available but only in batches of 8 which switch over each hour.
  • Each area offers an instanced dungeon. Only go in if you have the two dungeon quests (one before the hour and one after).
  • Personally, I try skip the instanced dungeons (if solo) as you can get more done outside them.
  • It is faster and easier to clear quests in an organized team (carrying the same quests).
  • Reaching level 70 gives you an artifact off hand weapon. Talk to Sgt. Knox. (thanks Shintar!)
  • Finishing the Vigilance cycles of Spinward Rise (last area) gives you an artifact main hand weapon.
  • It is possible just to level up to 70 elsewhere and charge Spinward Rise directly, skipping the other zones.
  • Don't forget to buy potions and sell loot during down times when there are no (decent) quests available.

Clear as mud? Next up, we'll start looking at each zone in detail. :)

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  1. It is possible just to level up to 70 elsewhere and charge Spinward Rise directly, skipping the other zones.

    Yeah, my guide to Vigilance quests so far would have come down to: avoid them if you can; they will slowly sap your will to live! :P

    1. Hehe, that's an acceptable strategy if you are just gunning for the artifacts. :) Unfortunately I figured I'd help with the actual completion of each zone - just for the crazy ones like me! ^_^

    2. I certainly admire your tenacity! And I look forward to reading your detailed guides; maybe they will make it a little easier to cope. (I've got 2 70s so far but have only actually completed the Drowned Shore and I'm not sure I can take any more of that content...)

  2. Hi, it's a great guide, but I would like to know the reward in each zone, like where you get pants or shirt to get your ilvl up.

    1. Ack, sorry for the late reply. You get the shirt, pants and belt (which isn't that great) all from the Drowned Shore. You'll need to complete everything there though as I think the pants are a reward for defeating Gar Shatterkeel.

  3. These vigilance quests are now officially part of the Cryptic Entertainment Reprogramming module. Where they switch the wires for your sense of tedium with your sense of fun. The only cure is to set their HQ on fire :P

    Sense you didn't mention setting their HQ on fire I'm not sure I can take this guide seriously >:O

    1. LOL! That's super funny. ^_^

      They've actually changed the quests in those zones now, first to half the repetition and now to ZERO repetition which is great for people just reaching those areas now. :)