Sunday, 26 April 2015

Ambitious Dynasty: Southern Jing Province Campaign

[Part of my Dynasty Warriors 8: Ambition Mode story.]

Are you asking for a challenge?

Before heading out to battle - Lu Bu, now my good friend, tells me that I've grown powerful as a warrior and might one day surpass even him. He looks forward to the challenge. Aww. He's a nice guy. He's also a terror to the enemies in combat since for some reason the game just puts him x levels higher than the stage I think. That didn't dissuade the enemy defenders of the Southern Jing Province though, as they made good use of the mountainous region's defenses to kill a number of my allies.

As we pushed through the Jiangxia canyon, the bodyguard Dian Wei fell to an ambush while the old bandit Zuo Ci got crushed by a rock. A rock in the form of a few hundred enemy soldiers raining from a nearby cliff. Not only raining arrows. They were jumping down with spears.

Put your faith in the cards! *DEAD*

This must be... what porcupines feel like... *DEAD*

We then had to cross the Chibi river where Cao Cao became too ambitious and got his ship sunk, leaving him to sleep with the fishes.

What!? No one told me my ship was sinking! *DEAD*

Finally we made it to the Yiling mountain near Baidi castle (I have no idea how near or far they are in real). The mountain had a maze of dark caves leading to the base at the top, and it is in that darkness that Wang Yi the insane died miserably, stabbed by a gazillion blades. Wang Yuanji didn't fare much better in there either. The enemy leaders, Sun Shangxiang and Guan Xing fought tooth an nail to keep us out but they ultimately failed and perished in battle.

Ow. A gazillion blades is painful! *DEAD*

I have everything under contr... *DEAD*

Remember how I said I had feelings for you? I lied! *DEAD*

They broke through our defenses!? *DEAD*

Having to kill her own brother probably broke something inside her as Guan Yinping lost her focus and was killed soon after by a stray arrow at Baidi castle, a position that was comparatively easily taken, having no named commanders at hand.

We should try settle things peacefully! *DEAD*

In the castle dungeon we found only one prisoner, suffering wounds of torture. She was more than agreeable to get some payback.

Don't piss off the blonde Chinese barbarian(s).

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