Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Ambitious Dynasty: Northern Jing Province Campaign

[Part of my Dynasty Warriors 8: Ambition Mode story.]

Rage mode: on!

My character, Xu Shu is now Level 120 and becoming quite a tough cookie. Lu Lingqi also manages to obtain a rare(?) skill called "rage" which lets me start with a full rage meter if she is one of my three bodyguards. Of course this earns her that position as you can trash a LOT of people with a full rage bar. It is a small solace given that I lost a lot of people in the previous campaign.

Now we find ourselves in the Northern part of Jing, having to traverse a pretty fortified Changban river. Despite the "cleverness" of their "brilliant" commander, Zhuge Liang here, his forces are simply spread too thin for their own good and soon he is found and killed.

You go into battle with a fan, not sure how wise you really are. *DEAD*

It is at Luoyan castle that the enemy put up their strongest defense, led by none other than Zhuge Liang's old partner, Sima Yi and his son (my first ally) Sima Zhao. It doesn't help that Luoyan castle is apparently home to a bunch of ice wizards either as my allies begin falling one after another.

Lianshi: Ice Wizards!? What is this - Frozen? *DEAD*

Diao Chan: Who will wear all my pretty dresses now? *DEAD*

Li Dian: Oh! I like pretty dresses! Wait... I mean... *DEAD*

Lu Bu: A billion ballista bolts!? I still have one HP LEFT! *DEAD*

I was a little annoyed because Lu Bu was doing so well up to that point, AND he lasted so damn long. He was my friend! DAMNIT! MY FRIEND! My psycho, opera singing friend who dismembers people with other people as evidenced by this video clip! After breaking into the keep I didn't hesitate to fight and kill Sima Zhao.

Sima Zhao (by mollymous): Now it's just you and m... *DEAD*

His father, Sima Yi, managed to stay my blade though by reminding me I was literally out of allies and that he could be a useful asset. After all, he did just almost wipe me out. It was a good argument and so I decided to let him join. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer kind of thing.

Sima Yi (by shibakaien): Weren't you impressed how I killed all your people? 

Now, I don't usually keep the "less important" officers but there is this one fellow we freed from the dungeons who had an interesting enough name for me: He Man!?

Most likely not what he looked like.

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