Sunday, 5 April 2015

Ambitious Dynasty: Strange Recruitment

[Part of my Dynasty Warriors 8: Ambition Mode story.]

On my next material gathering outing in the shadows of yet another ruined castle my group runs into the ever ambitious Cao Cao, managing to defeat his defenses and gaining his allegiance as well as that of his bald bodyguard, Dian Wei.

"Sir! The enemy got past our defenses!"
"I can see that captain obvious."

We next find ourselves in a desert region in combat with the forces of the young strategist, Jiang Wei. His position was pretty tough but not enough to dissuade my attack. Obviously he ended up joining me as well.

Definitely not related to captain obvious.

I do have to say this is one strange way to raise an army... to fill it with your defeated enemies. Surely it's not a smart move? I should mention I also gained a mountable elephant but found it too slow to be effective. Sticking with the fastest horse instead.


  1. Filling an army with your defeated enemies is strange indeed... But I guess if you are on a quest to unite the country and the others aren't doing a terrible job or ruling their region it is easier to just beat them into submission than finding a replacement for them. Plus it is a way to show off how confident you are on yourself that in the case they try to betray you, you will just beat them into submission again. Or worse.

    Thanks for doing this series by the way. I was always curious about this game but never curious enough to buy it and see what it is about. Now I am having a good idea about it. :)

    1. Thanks Rakuno! Just keep in mind that I'm obviously taking some liberties with the story (just like I do with most other things) to try make it more logical or entertaining.

      Your reasoning for unification is a good one too. Still wouldn't make me comfortable though. ^_^

    2. Yes, I know that. In fact, your artistic liberties actually make it an interesting read. :)

      Yeah, it wouldn't make me all that comfortable too... But maybe people from that time just had some different kind of thinking. Or maybe we can just fill this under "video-game/anime" logic. :p