Friday, 10 April 2015

Ambitious Dynasty: Warrior Families

[Part of my Dynasty Warriors 8: Ambition Mode story.]

More rival forces were in the vicinity this time around so I went for the easy prey on the fields first which was led by the "Blue Knights": "Hook-Blade" Yue Jin, the socially awkward Li Dian and Wang Yi the slightly(?) insane.

Yue Jin (left): "Prepare for trouble..."
Li Dian (right): "...and make it double!"

Wang Yi: "I will slay all who dislike pokemon!"

The next groups were holed up in a large castle with tigers roaming around. Why is it always tigers? Stupid things have an annoying knock down attack. Anyway, despite the tigers and the castle walls they both fell rather easily to my awesome strategy of "hit them on the head". With that we captured Daqiao's sister - Xiaoqiao.

Xiaoqiao: "Oh you found me even if I hid behind this humungous fan!"

Also captured were Bao Sanniang, wife of "the God of War" Guan Yu, and their daughter Guan Yinping. I imagine Guan Yu would be getting pissed right about now.

Bao: "Well hello there..."

Guan Yinping: "Hi. Please stop ogling my mom's boobs."

Funny how many of these people are related (yet don't look alike)! I guess war runs in a family?

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