Thursday, 2 April 2015

Ambitious Dynasty: Who are You, Xu Shu?

[Part of my Dynasty Warriors 8: Ambition Mode story.]

The land is in chaos and the Emperor, being the strong willed person he is, has fled into hiding leaving local warlords decide among themselves the future of the nation. The first choice faced when beginning your Ambition is deciding who you will play as. While it is possible to switch between characters I opted to stick with this fellow.

Xu Shu: Oh, I'm no one important.

Why him? Because he's a very minor character and I like his outfit and most importantly his preferred weapon type of "Sword & Hook" which is more like a sword tied to a dagger with a long length of rope. While not the deadliest on the battle field it has decent range and can alternate between aerial and ground strikes easily for evasion. His special musou attack also has great AoE. It's because of that last part that he trumped my initial pic, the "vampire" dual-axe wielding bastard Jia Chong who special attacks more focus on one opponent instead of a group.

Jia Chong: I like executing people! Muahahahah!

I should also note that at this point I already played through all the story modes of the game so I have tested out the capabilities and personalities of a few others but more importantly it also means I'm walking in with over a million gold to START with. This is fantastic because upon reaching the parcel of land I have a deed to I find not much more than a smithy beside a small tea house with a nearby merchant stall with nothing else but dirt and vegetation all around.

This place is a dump!

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