Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Ambitious Dynasty: Western Region Campaign Finale

[Part of my Dynasty Warriors 8: Ambition Mode story.]

After selling a whole bunch of treasures I finally am able to pay the academy to max out my defense rating. Sima Yi responds to this by proclaiming that he doesn't think I'm an idiot. Guess he -was- planning on killing me at some point after all! :P

Sure looks like the enemy has been broken morale wise as despite being the biggest region on the map, this actually offered the least amount of challenge to conquer. The final enemy commander turned out to be the sickly Guo Huai and with his new apprentice, Jiang Wei, barricaded themselves at the Chang'an fortresses. This only delayed the inevitable for them, but they still managed to kill my fire sorceress, Zhenji. :(

Zhenji: It's because my clarinet broke! *DEAD*

Jiang Wei: I've leveled up since we last met! *DEAD*

Guo Huai: *cough* If I can't live... no one else can! *DEAD*

Finally, it was time to face the false Emperor at his palace defended by siege weapons, wizards, ambush archers, cavalry, tigers (always the tigers), all led by his servants the ten eunuchs. They really weren't anything special with Sima Yi and He Man even killing one each while I wasn't looking - but after they were all defeated we had to cross a courtyard to reach the false Emperor and all ten returned... in perma musou mode! Holy crap, suddenly they became a difficult boss fight and He Man was killed!

By the power of Gre... *DEAD*

Never underestimate a eunuch.

With enough defensive fighting (a new one for me) they were finally all out of the way and we were free to face the lone "false" emperor. He too was on fiery overcharge but because there was only one of him it was pretty easy to chain lock him to death. With that, the land united under the true emperor (the dude still occupying my palace) and entered an era of peace. While it does let you continue to do whatever after this, I decided that was the best ending I could hope for and will end this tale here.

Thanks for reading!

The final survivors were:
Sima Yi, Zhurong, Xu Shu (me), Lu Lingqi, and Da Qiao

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