Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Ambitious Dynasty: Master and Commander

[Part of my Dynasty Warriors 8: Ambition Mode story.]

I manage to recruit the knife throwing, "serious business", Wang Yuanji and barbarianess Zhurong while on my next patrol and in the process discover the fastest way to get base building materials is to do short raids and avoid all these named guys. Speaking of "named" allies, I am also capable of commanding some of them now as bodyguards to strengthen their bond with me - thanks to my now improved leadership level. Obviously I decide to bond with the females first. ;p

Wang Yuanji: Guess what nationality I am?

Zhurong: You're definitely Chinese like me!

Alas, my plan of "evading" people is discarded when I learn the "mightiest warrior", Lu Bu, himself has taken residence in a nearby castle. This sends me and my forces into action and I get slightly  disappointed then, when my superior numbers curbstomp him and his allies: his daughter Lu Lingqi, the gorgeous Diao Chan, Chen Gong the sly, and the morbidly obese Dong Zhuo. Naturally they all join me once the battle is over.

 Lu Lingqi, Chen Gong, and Diao Chan in front of the larger than life Lu Bu.
In game he is bigger and taller than almost everyone else, just not by as much as depicted.

Dong Zhuo: I don't like long walks on the beach but I do love huge candle light dinners!

Lastly, my steadily depleting gold is also renewed after selling all the random animals I've been catching abroad: horses, elephants, birds, bears, pandas, wolves and yes... tigers! Seems they are useful after all!

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