Thursday, 16 April 2015

Ambitious Dynasty: Lost my Palace

[Part of my Dynasty Warriors 8: Ambition Mode story.]

Upon our return from the field I finally finish upgrading ALL my buildings to the max (level 50), and complete my palace! YAY!

Except at that moment, the Emperor who was previously wandering in hiding, decided to take up residence and to make my base the new capital of the land. Sneaky bastard! Of course I have no say in the matter, but at least he gives me a unique sword "the Emperor's Blade", as well as a "harrier" bird as payment.

I'm in your base, giving you the bird.

Slightly upset at this, I wander about the land for a bit - taking out my rage on Lu Bu's lieutenant Zhang Liao and his fiery assistant Zhenji. I also finally apprehend the old bandit leader, Zuo Ci and his strange, sickly adviser Guo Huai. Seriously, this guy always sounds like he's about to keel over at any minute yet people still follow him into battlefields.

Zhang Liao: ARRRRH! This is how we pirates fight!

Zhenji: That's nothing, fear my deadly clarinet!

Zuo Ci: Imbeciles, these paper pages are the most deadly weapon ever!

Guo Huai: *Cough cough* I can't lift any of those, or walk unaided, but I'm still capable in war!

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