Monday, 20 April 2015

Ambitious Dynasty: The Game. It Just Started.

[Part of my Dynasty Warriors 8: Ambition Mode story.]

Boy was I in for a big surprise when I talked to the Imperial Official to continue to the next stage of Ambition mode, because there is a cinematic time skip of two years during which time the land doesn't do as well as the Emperor hoped, because a SECOND Emperor has arisen elsewhere and with each calling the other "false" my forces were divided as to which one they truly believed.

I imagine the other guy had a better PR campaign because all those people I gained? 815 allies (officers) to be exact. You didn't expect me to name all of them in this story right? I cut it down to the "imporant" ones. Well, now I'm back down to ten (pictured below). I loaded the game at this point to be more selective of who was remaining were but it still came down to luck. Everyone else either switched sides, got captured or simply went elsewhere I imagine.

Why all girls? Because strong bonds perform better!

Now with my small handful of people, I am meant to go conquer the five regions that oppose my Emperor! Ooookey dokey! I guess that's one way to weaken my army! To compensate I spent all my gold at the academy to max out my life bar.

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