Thursday, 18 February 2021

Less than Super: Shields of the Ray

One makes it work, the other doesn't.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Proves it doesn't need super powers.

This seven season series follows the titular secret organization and their continued missions to save the world while dealing with terrorists, traitors, aliens, robots, time travel and everything in between - and that's on top of "powered individuals" since this show exists in the Marvel universe.

Very cool.

Despite a number of logic flaws peppered in, I was surprised at how cool this turned out, as I was strongly in the camp of "why are we watching these people who have no super powers while constantly being reminded that the Avengers are a thing?"

Even without the movie tie-ins, which there are a few, this was definitely an interesting watch and one I can easily recommend. Three and a half Tahiti's out of five.

Freedom Fighters: The Ray

More animated Arrowverse! Except, more isn't always "better"...

Earth X is over run by Nazis, and after an embarrassing defeat the superhero known as the Ray hops dimension onto Earth-1 and promptly dies in the backyard of Ray Terrill, who takes up the mantle and powers of the deceased traveler. This attracts the attention of local heroes from team Arrow, team Flash and Vixen, and of course, the Nazis from Earth X!

The weakest / most worthless Arrowverse team so far.

This two "season" show really only amounts to an hour all up, so there's not much plot to be found here given that half of it are action pieces, and while those and the animation quality are decent - you aren't really missing out on much if you give this a miss. Also isn't "freedom fighter" a synonym to "terrorist"? Just saying. One closet out of five.


  1. Plus there's the fact that Agents of SHIELD did a much better job of dealing with the Inhumans than that aborted television show did.

    1. Oh god, that series was baaaaaad. If I ever watch all of it I can put up a review! Haha :P

  2. Agents of Shield got stale for me in the 4th season, so I just petered out of watching it then. I'd enjoyed it up until then, so I don't really know why I lost interest, but... there it is.

    1. The "ghost" season huh? If you ever make it through it does improve again afterwards. :)