Thursday, 4 February 2021

A Million Ways to Die in the West

Toilet humor must be one of them.

In this comedy western, a sheep farmer (Seth MacFarlane) tries to win back his girlfriend with the help of a new comer to the town (Charlize Theron). With a predictable story you'll mostly hang around for the jokes and gags which will be hit and miss, mainly depending on how much you enjoy Seth MacFarlane's material. I found it funny enough, and was entertained by the surprising cameos.

Favorite character. :P

Not sure I'd recommend it though. I guess if you like Seth's other works such as Family Guy or American Dad! then this might be for you, otherwise it's your mileage may vary... you might end up counting sheep. I give it one and a half hat turds out of five.


  1. I thought it did pretty well in the 1st third, but then it stopped being funny to me anymore, so the last 2/3 was something of a slog. Never felt a need to try re-watching it either. I think your 1.5/5 rating is spot on.

    1. It did feel that it overstayed it's welcome a bit. Pretty sure they could have condensed the run time down a little if they tried.